Bill Severn's Magic In Mind - Mental Magic Tricks
Bill Severn
Henry Z. Walck Inc.,  (1974)
In Collection
Magic Tricks - Mentalism
Hardcover 0-809-83533-9
USA  eng
Severn, Bill: Magic in Mind
Mental Magic Tricks
©1974 Bill Severn, Henry Z Walck, Inc.
Hardcover, w/dj, 152 pages
ISBN-13: 9780809835331
ISBN-10: 0809835339



3 Foreword

5 Chapter 1 A Couple of Starters
7 Is There a Mind-reader in the House?
14 Technique of the Swami
16 Swami Four-thought

21 Chapter 2 — Something More Than Coincidence?
23 The Word from Atlantis
31 The Ultimate Seventh Key to Baldpate
39 Dexter’s Routine for Seven Keys to Baldpate
46 Chapter 3 ESP Of One Kind Or Another
48 Those E.S.P. Cards — Designed by a Conjurer
51 The Psychogram Test
60 The Third Eye

67 Chapter 4 — They Need To Laugh Sometimes, Don’t They?
69 Dexter's Spirit Message Slates
77 Uncle Sebastian Makes His Mark
78 Electro-static Slates
81 Uncle Sigismund’s Promise
84 Routine for “The Tantalising Ten ”
86 Even Spookier Spooky Spots

93 Chapter 5 — Mathematical Mind-Benders
95 The Magic of Magic Squares
103 Naming the Day for Any Date
113 Computer Mind

119 Chapter 6 Look! He Does Card Tricks, Too'
121 The Cut That Isn’t
123 A False Shuffle Without Fuss
127 Image on the Retina

131 Chapter 7 For the Kitchen Table Mechanic
133 Pocket Trick Hold-All
133 The Forceful Notebook
138 Dice Duplicity

143 Not Mentalism But It's Beautiful!
145 The Chinese Butterflies

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Bill Severn

Born: William Irving Severn
May 11, 1914
Brooklyn, New York

Died: May 8, 1992 (age 77)
Lee, Massachusetts

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Bill Severn (1914-1992) was a journalist and professional club act magician specializing in cigarettes and silks. [1][2]


Severn worked for Associated Press as a radio news editor starting in 1941 and was long-time magic columnist for Boys' Life magazine.
Severn wrote more than 50 books for children and 25 on magic.[3]


Magic Wherever You Are (1957)
Shadow Magic (1959)
Magic in Your Pocket (1965)
Magic Across The Table (1972)
Bill Severn's Big Book of Magic (1973)
Magic in Mind: Mental Magic Tricks (1974)
Bill Severn's Magic Workshop (1976)
Bill Severn's Guide to Magic as a Hobby (1979)
More Magic In Your Pockets (1980)
Bill Severn's Impromptu Magic (1982)
Magic with Rope, Ribbon and String (1982)
Magic Fun for Everyone (1986)
Bill Severn's Amazing Magic (1992)
Magic with Paper
Magic Shows You Can Give
Packs of Fun
Magic Comedy
Bill Severn's Magic Trunk (a reissuing of Magic with Paper, Magic Shows You Can Give, Magic Comedy, and Magic in Your Pockets)
Magic with Coins and Bills
Bill Severn's Big Book of Close-Up Magic
Bill Severn's Best Magic
50 Ways to Have Fun with Newspaper


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