Encyclopedia of Sleeving
Jack Chanin
Jack Chanin (1937)
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Chanin, Jack: Encyclopedia of Sleeving
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Encyclopedia of Sleeving

Comments: "1st and Only Complete Treatise on Sleeve Magic. Thoroughly Illustrated, Comprehensively Described, Equal to Personal Instructions."
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4 A Tiny Message from Rosini (Paul Rosini)
8 Just a Word to My Many Friends (Chanin)
9 Letter from Al Baker
8 Letter from Chanin to Al Baker
10 This is Basically Important!: introductory tips
13 Sleeving: about
15 Sleeving a Cigar
17 Retrieving Cigars, Cigarettes, Coins
19 Sleeving Cards
20 J.C. Multiplying Cards
23 J.C. Six Card Repeat
25 J.C. An Old Masterpiece
27 J.C. Mind Reading Supreme
29 J.C. Have a Smoke
32 J.C. Making Money
33 J.C. Wandering Coin
35 J.C. Pied Piper
37 J.C. Reincarnation
41 J.C. The Amazing Yarn
43 J.C. Stack of Halves and Quarters
48 French Drop
49 J.C. Table Knife from Purse
49 J.C. Presto-Chango
51 J.C. Amazing Production
53 J.C. Pencil Poof, Etc.
55 J.C. Snap Vanish
56 J.C. Up the Sleeve
56 J.C. Sucker Gag
58 Another Basic Principle
62 Basic
62 J.C. Light at Fingertips
64 J.C. Cry Buffalo
65 A Tailor Dream
70 Vanishing Spoon
71 J.C. Squeeze Vanish
72 J.C. Expanding Die
74 J.C. Egg Bag, Billiard Balls, Color Changing Knives: tips
75 Razor Blade Trick Needles
78 Watch the Watch
80 Practice Practice Practice
81 Chart of 25 Items
83 Ads for Other Chanin Books
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Chanin, Jack
Born in the Ukraine, fled to Poland, and finally immigrating to the USA in 1926, Jack began a career as a magician, inventor and magic dealer.He excelled in the art of sleeving, and ran Philadelphia's oldest magic studio (Chanin's Studio of Magic) until 1981, marketing hundreds of effects of his own invention.
Invented: Mesh Egg Bag
A favorite at magic conventions, he also performed an Oriental act as Cha-Nin. Works include: Enyclopedia of Sleeving, 1947; Hello, Sucker! 1934; Cigar Manipulation, 1937; Silks at Your Fngertips.


Jack Chanin

January 15, 1907

November 09, 1997 (age 90)


Jack Chanin (1907-1997):
Was born in the Ukraine fled to Poland, and finally immigrated to the USA in 1926. Besides being a manufacturer, creator and owner of Chanin's Studio of Magic, he was also a performer and demonstrator. He would performed an Oriental act under the name Cha-Nin. He ran Philadelphia's oldest magic studio, Chanin's Studio of Magic, until 1981.

He had two different playing cards printed which were used for his promotions. A blue and gold bordered card featuring his Chinese act called Cha-Nin and a red and gold card titled "The Man With The Magic Hands" featuring photos of him performing manipulative routines.

Marketed Tricks:
•Mesh Egg Bag (1953)

• Seven in One (1928)
• Hello, Sucker! (1934)
• Cigar Manipulation (1937)
• Grand Finale (1937)
• Encyclopedia of Sleeving (1947)
• Chanin, The Man with the Magic Hands by David Haversat (2002)
• Jack Chanin: Classic Deceptions CD from Miracle Factory (2008)

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