If It Fits...Sleeve It! - The Magic of Rocco
Schneiderman, Steve
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Schneiderman, Steve: If It Fits, Sleeve It
The Magic of Rocco Silano
©1990 Rocco Silano
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 75 pages



1 Acknowledgement
2 Channing Pollock on Rocco Silano
5 An Afternoon witn Rocco

10 Part One - Basic Sleeving Techniques
10 Rocco's Tools

19 Part Two - Coin Magic
19 The Four Coin Routine
23 Jumbo Coin Vanish
24 Slow Motion Vanish and Reappearance
26 Coins to Kisses

31 Part Three - Cigarette Magic
31 Match to Cigarette
32 Fountain of Cigarettes
33 Multiple Cigarette Production
34 Hot and Cold Cigarette

39 Part Four - Card Magic
39 The Four Card Routine

45 Part Five - Fire Magic
45 Fire and Ice (Formal Presentation)
47 Fire and Ice (Informal Presentation)
48 Shaken, Not Stirred

51 Part Six - Performance Tips
51 Flash Paper Ring on Cigarette
52 Trio of Tips
53 Body Positions
53 Economy of Motion
54 Practicing with a Mirror
55 Make-up and Music
56 Motivation and Inspiration

63 Part Seven: Putting It All Together
63 Close Up Applications
63 - Silver Dollar to Two Half Dollars
65 - Cigarette Through Quarter
66 - Mis-made Dollar Switch
67 - Popped Corn
71 Stage Applications
71 - Cigarette to Rose
71 - Freezing Water

75 Curtain Call

An up close and personal book by Steven Schneiderman, featuring seven detailed chapters on Rocco's unique style and talent which won him Siegfried and Roy's $20,000 Desert Magic Seminar "Complete Conjuror Challenge." Enjoy the full description to his award-winning act plus new effects utilizing sleeving.

For instance, cleanly change corn kernels to fresh popped corn in your copped hands. More magical fun awaits... Coins (Four Coin Routine, slow Motion Vanish and Reappearance); Cigarettes (Fountain of Cigarettes, Multiple cigarette Production); Fire & Ice (Formal and Informal Presentations, Shaken Not Stirred); Tips (Flash Paper Ring on Cigarette, Weighting Cigarettes, Dye Tube Handling) and so much more!!
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