Richard Osterlind - Annemann's Practical Mental Effects Volume 1 - Performances & Instruction By Richard Osterlind
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Annemann's Practical Mental Effects Volume 1

For over 10 years, Osterlind Mysteries has tried to offer the finest professional mentalism products for our customers. Now we are about to embark on a totally new endeavor which has been in the works for well over a year - the release of our very first DVD offering produced entirely in-house. And what could be more appropriate than bringing to life one of the most important works in the literature of mentalism: Annemann's Practical Mental Effects!

These first three DVDs, with a combined running time of almost five hours, represent some of the strongest mentalism in history! Richard and Jim have taken this classic material and approached it with the dignity and scholarly attitude it deserves. First, each effect is performed before a lay audience and is then subsequently analyzed to show the real performing secrets behind each routine. The wealth of information in these expositions is priceless! Besides the secret of each effect, professional theatrical mentalism techniques for modern audiences are scrutinized from years of real-life performing. Watching this series will be like a post-graduate course in mentalism!

Almost every effect can be done instantly! With just one exception (the Devil Device), all the props necessary are items you already have or can make up easily. Nothing requires great manipulative skill and almost all if the routines are suitable for close-up, parlor or stage performance. You will use everything!

Additionally, these new DVDs were conceived and created in every aspect by Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti. These videos have a totally new look and feel and have a production quality that has surpassed any of our previous video projects. This is a serious course on one of the most important mentalism books ever written and we have done our best to give it the honor it deserves.

These first three DVDs represent the first half of a six-volume series. The final three DVDs will be available before the end of the year.


Volume 1

Magic vs. Mentalism
Slate Immortality
A Question and the Answer
The OM Billet Switching Box
Psychic Slate Test
The Word On The Page

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