Cannibal - A new twist on the cannibal cards plot
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Cannibal by Kevin Reylek - SIGNED. EATEN. EXHUMED. A perfect and SURREAL finale to your card routine!

In Kevin Reylek’s Cannibal, a King takes a bite out of a signed selection, only to be torn open where the missing piece is found inside the layers of the King. Bringing the classic Lin Searles plot to a new level, Cannibal is one of Kevin’s most-used closing effects. It involves a theatrical premise, a surprising revelation, and a kicker ending that audiences never see coming. It also leaves spectators with a memorable souvenir!

The Cannibal DVD features live performances of the effect and detailed explanations from multiple angles. Several handlings are taught so that anyone can perform a version of Cannibal, regardless of skill level. Custom artwork is also included on the DVD, which you can use to enhance your presentation.

Live Performances
Multiple Handlings for All Skill Levels
Impossible Ending and Souvenir
Filmed in High Definition
Dolby Digital Sound
Bonus DVD-ROM Artwork Files Included
Running time: 1 hour
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Original Title Cannibal
Distributor Magic Makers, Inc.
No. of Discs/Tapes 1
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Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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