Complete Card Magic - Volume 1 - Beginner 14 Easy to Learn Card Miracles
Magic Makers Inc.
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Jump-start your magical journey into Complete Card Magic with these fourteen introductory mysteries. Volume One offers a strong foundation for building your own card magic routines. Card expert and featured performer Gerry Griffin takes you step-by-step through some amazing mysteries.

The Betting Game - This fun effect fools them every time.
A Simple Card Revelation - Here's a little mystery with a big finish.
Eyes Are The Window to the Soul - Look into their eyes and find their card.
Pulse - Find a card while feeling their heartbeat.
21 Card Trick - A contemporary classic using three rows of seven.
CRUNCH!! - Find a chosen card using your sense of bite.
Up to Her Old Tricks - The gypsy queen helps you find the selected card.
I'm Having a Spell - Spell out a random card to find a spectator's card.
Lie Detector - If they lie about their card, truth is, you'll find it.
What is He Talking About? - Name the wrong card, but show you were right.
Cowboys and Indians - This story will become one of your favorites.
Into the Future - You predict the cards that they randomly deal.
Sisters - Two queens mysteriously find their sisters.
Do as I Do - Two decks are exchanged until you both select the same card.
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