Complete Card Magic - Volume 6 - Techniques Forces! Shuffles! Flourishes!
Magic Makers Inc.
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Your magical journey into Complete Card Magic would not be complete without card handling techniques. In Volume Six, you learn important moves to manipulate cards and add flare to your routine. Card expert and featured performer Gerry Griffin takes you step-by-step through 27 expert card techniques.

Forces - Do you want to know their card before they select it? You will learn FOURTEEN ways to FORCE a card!

Marked Cards
10 to 20 Force
The Glide Force
Gerry's Hindu Force
The Shuffle Force
The Toss Force
Touch a Card II
The Classic Force
Balducci Force
The Dribble Force
The Spread Force
Touch a Card Force
Under the Handkerchief

Shuffles - When you mix the cards you may also control them! Here are SEVEN essential methods of SHUFFLING!

Hindu Shuffle
The Riffle Shuffle
Push Thru Shuffle
The Zarrow Shuffle
Faro Shuffle
The Overhand Shuffle
One Handed Shuffle

Flourishes - Enhance your card magic by adding some eye candy. Add these SIX card FLOURISHES to your routine!

The Ribbon Spread
Closing a Fan
Hot Shot
The Pressure Fan
Table Fan Close
Card Spring
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