Complete Card Magic - Volume 7 - Techniques Cuts and Sleights!
Magic Makers Inc.
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Complete Card Magic includes over 100 cutting edge mysteries and techniques, from beginner to expert extreme! Now, in Volume Seven, you are ready for the best in card cuts and sleights. Card expert and featured performer Gerry Griffin takes you step-by-step through 31 expert card techniques.

Cuts - Cutting the cards is more than dividing the deck. Add flare and control with TEN famous CUTS!

The Octopus Cut
Gerry's One-Handed Cut
The Blind Swivel Cut
The Kick Cut
The Scissors Cut
The Charlier Cut
Erdnase False Cut
The Double Undercut
Double Undercut to the Table
Gerry's Undercut to the Table

Sleights - Sleight of Hand is the key to card magic success. Master these 21 SLEIGHTS and amaze everyone!

The Triple Lift
The Glide II
Transfering the Break
Rub-a-dub Vanish
Jordan Count
The Flustration Move
Elmsley Count
The Card Fold
The Biddle Move
The Pass
The Glide
The Break
The Siva Count
The Revolve Change
Catching a Glimpse
Hammon Count
Flourish and a Pass
The Double Lift
Braue Reverse
Table Palm
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