Corporate Close Up 1 - by Martin Sanderson
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Corporate Close Up 1 Martin Sanderson & RSVP - DVD

An exclusive video production that takes a look into the world of corporate close-up magic. This brand new video, produced and directed by Russ Stevens, takes magic instruction to a new level. With a running time of nearly two hours you'll watch and learn the routines that have made Martin Sanderson one of today's highest paid corporate magicians.

Content Included:

Ambitious Four Phase Under impossible conditions a signed card appears on top of the deck three times.....then in your mouth....then inside your wallet (inside a sealed envelope) and finally, for the killer finish, it changes into a clear block of plastic on the spectators hand! The ultimate in memorable magic!

Coin Under Watch: Two coins, one is chosen, the other visible vanishes only to be found under the spectators watch! A powerful killer routine with a standard magic prop that you probably already own!

Rapid Fire Chop Cup: Bam Bam Bam, you'll hit them so hard that they'll be picking themselves up for weeks after this one! The most direct routine to date. If you have never performed the chop cup routine in your life, GUESS WHAT....That's about to change!

Think of a Card: The ultimate in opening routines. Perfect for trade shows, corporate events, table magic and reception situations. This routine will quickly establish you as a major player during your opening sequence.

Bill in Kiwi: This one will get you more repeat bookings than any other trick. Every detail is revealed, including some never seen before touches.

Boomerang Card and Storm Force 7: Two brand new effects released for the first time!

Hints and Tips: Martin lets you in on some REAL secrets for securing the best corporate work... and increasing your income!

What People Are Saying:

"Finally a high quality video, full of great commercial magic performed in the real world to real people. Storm Force 7 is an effect that everyone will be doing when they see it. An invaluable video to anyone who wants to make serious money with their magic."
-Wayne Dobson

"Truly valuable information. An amazing product... broadcast quality. Russ Stevens also deserves applause for his contemporary, professional production style, which really makes the whole thing enjoyable to watch."
-Michael Ammar
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Original Title Corporate Close-Up
No. of Discs/Tapes 1
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Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Condition New

Martin Sanderson

Martin Sanderson is an award winning magician and a Gold Star Member of the London Magic Circle who has also achieved The Magic Circle's prestigious award of Close-up Magician of the Year.

His magic is like no other - when you experience his unique magic you are guaranteed to feel amazed and bewildered, but most of all you will be entertained.

"There are a number of young professional magicians in Britain today that are outstanding and clearly marked for a great future, Martin Sanderson is one of them. His magic and technique is finely honed, he's a fun person with a great personality and he engages very easily with his audience. He is an exceptional magical entertainer. Today he is one of the highest paid corporate magicians in the business and it's easy to see why." - John Derris, The Magic Circular - The monthly magic magazine exclusively for members of The Magic Circle.
Martin Sanderson will guarantee to make your special event the best it could possibly be. By performing his expert sleight-of-hand combined with his truly professional manner, you will see how Martin completely enthrals his audience.