Criss Angel Masterminds - The DVD Series Volume 2 - Self Levitation
Criss Angel (2005)
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Masterminds - The DVD Series
Volume 2: Self Levitation

Criss Angel's Self Levitation is for magicians who love levitations and will do anything to achieve it - or people who just plain want to know the secret. It's not an impromptu levitation. There is set up, and you will walk around with the gimmick on (no problem at all, but you WILL be wearing a gimmick). That said, it caused a LOT of controversy and conversation and *buzz* for Criss when it was aired on his Mindfreak Special. Being ale to float 6" or higher may just make your reputation. If that's worth it to you, get the DVD. There's no question that you will seriously look like you are floating, and you can go higher than nearly any levitation on the market today.

-Brad Christian / Ellusionist
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