Dan Harlan’s Premium Blend Volume 6 - Good Spirits
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Dan Harlan’s Premium Blend - Volume 6 - Good Spirits

CUT DEEPER READING - Fortune telling presentation of the Cut Deeper Force used to reveal a selected card.
RITUAL NECKLACE - Three beads are released from two shoelaces on which they have been tied. Includes Harlan's new method for tying the strings.
ASHES TO ASHES - A tissue paper ghost vanishes in a flash and reappears attached to the back of a selected card, then he vanishes again and is discovered back where he started.
HORROR MATRIX - Completely new presentation of Matrix in which four coins all collect under one card. The handling is easy and the story is perfect.
SOULMATES - A card trick performed entirely by the spectator in which God and the Devil reveal the selected card.
YOUR SIGN - Using some simple props, you can reveal any person's astrological sign.
TAROT MENTAL - A tarot reading that allows you to gain secret information as a convincer.
VIKING FUNERAL - A marked coin vanishes in a burst of fire and travels into a package held by a spectator.
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