Dan Harlan’s Ultimate Impromptu Magic - Volume 3
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Dan Harlan's Ultimate Impromptu Magic - Volume 3

Dan Harlan's Karate Cap
Pocket Change
A Quart Low
Ye Old 1089 Tricke
Van Gogh Vanish
Dan Harlan’s Invisible Cow
Mineral Magnetism
Shaker Suspension
Knife Swallowing
Dan Harlan’s Sodium Free
Jim Kleefeld's Put a Lid On It
Dan Harlan's In Your Ear
Dan Harlan's A Toss Up
Dan Harlan's Popcorn Lizard
Mark Sicher's Famous Popcorn Trick
Doc Dixon's Spitting Image
Sad Eskimo
Sonny Fontana's Paper Trained
Albert Goshman's Bottlecap Assembly
Dan Harlan's Psychic Guide
Psychic Feeling
Black Magic
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Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Condition New

Dan Harlan’s Ultimate Impromptu features classics of impromptu magic, contemporary miracles, and innovative new routines. Discover disarmingly innocent magic. No special props, no odd looking devices! This is as close to real magic as you’ll probably ever get. This extensive collection of impromptu magic is the premiere source for incredible effects you can do anywhere, anytime. The magic featured in this series has been carefully selected for optimum performability and effectiveness. This is impromptu magic that really works.

Dan Harlan, one of the leading teachers in magic, guides you through innovative routines with elegant methods featuring sound psychological techniques. You’ll discover an amazing array of miracles with common objects behaving in uncommonly mysterious ways. Harlan personally shows you how to prepare, practice, and perform every nuance of these delightful effects. You’ll learn how to use impromptu magic to enhance any moment, giving you a reputation as a “real magician.”