Dan Harlan's Pack Small Play Big, DVD #1 - The All Purpose Show
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Pack Small Play Big Dan Harlan The All Purpose Show, DVD #1

The "All Purpose Show" featured on this video is suitable for audiences of all ages and is adaptable to a variety of occasions. There is a fun-filled mix of innovative and classical magic that will solidify your reputation as a skilled practitioner of the enchanting arts.
The show opens with Harlan's original "Starcle" which wins over everyone in the audience with its captivating script and simplicity. A charming story of watching the full moon rise and the first star appearing in the night sky is illustrated by tearing a circle from a paper napkin. Incredibly, the circle changes to a star although it has been held by a spectator the entire time. This curious souvenir is given to the spectator as a treasured memory.

Next, Harlan's fresh approach to a monte routine, "Hold It, Buster!," helps the audience get aquainted with the style of the performer. This ingenious three-phase jumbo card routine contains plenty of magic and features a script filled with puns, and an unexpected climax.

A constant favorite, "C&R Rope," in which a rope is repeatedly cut and restored, wraps up the warm-up section of the show. The final restoration will perplex even the toughest skeptic as the cut ends instantly restore and the rope is immediately handed out.

At this point, the audience is treated to Harlan's unique "Tee Bag" routine which begins like a peculiarly-themed egg bag and quickly changes to a delightful production routine.

Keeping the pace of the show moving, Harlan glides into his presentation of the multiplying balls, "Herman." This unusual approach to a classic manipulation piece gives the ball a personality. Next, to demonstrate dexterity, the ultimate expression of magical skill, the linking rings, are introduced in Harlan's "RingMaster." Most audiences are familiar with the rings, and this routine gets them up close to experience the remarkable ability of the rings to defy the nature of solid objects.

To change the mood to a more relaxed pace, Harlan presents his original "Lester" routine. This poetic Miser's Dream begins when the performer finds a penny and it reminds him of his favorite poem. The Miser's Dream theme leads into a funny routine with borrowed money, "Mine & Yours," bringing the show to its magical and humorous peak.

Finally, "It's Not the Size" leaves the audience with a lasting impression of the performer as a charming and amusing magician. A small change purse is shown to contain a miniature magic wand. Placed back into the purse, the wand strangely becomes much larger, too big to fit in the purse. The wand is wrapped in newspaper, where it quickly changes back to its original tiny size.

Enjoy the show, then prepare to learn the secrets of a master as every nuance is revealed. Soon, you too will Pack Small, and Play Big!
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