Dan Harlan's Pack Small Play Big, DVD #3 - Mentalism Show
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Pack Small Play Big Dan Harlan Mentalism Show, DVD #3

How would you like to perform a powerful show that's guaranteed to make an unforgettable impression...a show filled with surprise, mystery, fun and enchantment...a big show that's fun to watch, and even more fun to perform!

If so, then welcome to Dan Harlan's Pack Small Plays Big DVD series. These four volumes are a sensational collection of complete shows featuring the most fascinating magic to ever pop out of a briefcase.

Harlan has been performing and teaching magic for over 25 years, and now he's going to teach you how to make a substantial impression with a practical, easy-to-pack, "Show in a Briefcase!"

You'll learn how to deliver a professional show with maximum impact and minimum set-up. After Dan performs the entire show in front of a live audience, he opens up his briefcase and teaches you step-by-step, how everything is done. He explains how to organize the show, why particular effects are chosen, how to make the necessary props, where they are placed in the case, handling the props during the show, and what to do with them when you're done.

Once you've learned the magic contained in this series, you'll be able to perform an incredible stand-up show anywhere on a moment's notice!

Special added feature - Behind the scenes photo gallery.

The "Mentalism Show" performed on this DVD is suitable for mature teens and adults; young children may not understand some of the concepts. The amazing variety of presentations featured here will captivate any audience and impress them with your incredible mental abilities.

First, Harlan's original "37 across" immediately gets everyone's attention with impossible premise and the performer's uncanny ability to discern letter-for-letter a randomly chosen word. Using only a crossword puzzle book, a spectator selects any word in any of the puzzles. There is a free choice from many different words. The performer miraculously calls off the letters composing that word, making no mistakes, and finally accurately names the word.

Next, the audience is treated to Harlan's novel approach to a book test routine, "Reddit!" Involving many spectators and three paperback novels, the mentalist is able to receive randomly chosen words and phrases, even predicting the future by determining the book, page, and line chosen for the climax, you'll love it.

At this point, the audience is convinced that just about anything is possible, so this quick effect, "Newsline," serves to reinforce that idea. A folded prediction and a column of newspaper are displayed, the spectator directs the performer where to cut the column with scissors, and the line cut to matches the predictions. The simple props may be prepared almost anywhere on a moment's notice.

Now, the audience is ready for something different and Harlan provides it with his innovative "Mind Your Hands," using ten mismatched pairs of colored gloves. This delightful routine gets many spectators up on stage, each choosing a different pair of gloves to wear, then joining hands in a line attempting to match up the colors. The performer's pair of gloves predict the colors at the ends of the random line.

Keeping the show moving with a quick, visual piece, the mentalist introduces "Deja-Voo-Doo" in which a spectator is cursed and cured in the span of two minutes. This entertaining effect uses six pictures of voodoo dolls with various curses or punishments inflicted upon them. One is chosen by the audience, and the performer's previously displayed cure is revealed to be appropriate only for that particular curse.

Rounding out the middle section, highlighting the versatility of the mentalist, is Harlan's "Lotto Luck," an original presentation of the Bank Night theme featuring four envelopes containing secret prizes. Although the spectators make all the decisions, the performer is left with the only envelope containing money. But, just so there are no hard feelings, each spectator opens their envelope to find a lottery ticket inside.

Moving into a more relaxed presentation which reveals something about the performer, Harlan presents his unique "Now Showing," using ticket stubs from various movies, concerts, and theatrical presentations, One of these is chosen and the bag containing the prediction unexpectedly turns out to be the prediction!

The reputation maker, "Time Capsule," is Harlan's headline prediction, a classic premise with a strong impact made entirely Practical and requiring minimal preparation. The headline of any newspaper is predicted weeks, even months, in advance and revealed during the show. It's a phenomenal effect that is a natural for generating publicity.

Last but certainly not least, is "Psy-Stebbins," using the ingenious stacked deck to create a lasting impression. You can use this simple stack to instantly know what card has been chosen. It can even be done with multiple cards. And Harlan explains how to use it to generate a standing ovation.

Enjoy the show then prepare to learn the secrets of a master as every nuance is revealed. Soon, you too will Pack Small, and Play Big with your "Mentalism Show!"

Once you've learned the magic contained in this series, you'll be able to perform an incredible stand-up show anywhere on a moment's notice!

•37 Across
•Mind Your Hands
•Deja Voo Doo
•Lotto Luck
•Now Showing
•Time Capsule
•Psy Stebbins
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