Dan Harlan's Pack Small Play Big, DVD #4 - Stand-Up With Cards Show
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Pack Small Play Big Dan Harlan Stand-Up With Cards Show, DVD #4

The "Stand-Up With Cards" performance on this video features unusual magic with cards and is suitable for small audiences in a relaxed environment like a house party or other social gathering. There are no boring card tricks here, only the best and most entertaining prestidigitation with a pack of pasteboards you can present.
The show begins with a classic effect, "Through The Veil," in which a chosen card mysteriously penetrates the fabric of a handkerchief wrapped around the deck, leaving the handkerchief unharmed.

Then, Harlan's novel approach to a Cards Across routine, "Equalibrium," lets the audience get aquainted with the performer and involved directly in the show.

Bringing the first section to a close is "Rodeo," in which a rope strangely fashions itself into a hanging noose and captures the selected playing card desperado.

To bring the pace up and inject a little more humor, Harlan moves into "Shooting Card." A card is chosen to represent the victim, and although it is lost in the deck and the deck is held firmly by a rubber band, surprisingly the spectator is able to shoot the card out of the deck. There's even a bullet hole through the card!

At this point, Harlan demonstrates his ingenuity with his unique classic rising cards, "EZ Riser," which requires no thread hook-ups or mechanical devices. The cards rise from the center of the deck with no visible movement by the performer. The last card even rises while the deck is in the case, and isolated inside a glass. You'll never have to worry about a pre-set thread when you use this simple method.

To highten the comedic mood, Harlan presents the "Egg Beater Mindreader," a modern classic of stand-up card magic.

To really impress the audience with his affinity with the cards, the performer instantly names any card chosen in "Stebbins Standing," using the Si Stebbins stack. This ingenious stack is easy to use, yet powerful in performance. Harlan also provides you with a very convincing false shuffle that looks just like a riffle shuffle and can be done standing.

To finish, "Size 9" leaves the audience with a lasting impression of the phenomenal card magic they've just seen. A signed card ends up folded in the performer's shoe although he apparently never goes near it. Harlan provides a detailed, step-by-step method that's practical, bold, yet indetectible. This method works while you are standing, with no advance preparation and no switching of the folded card. The signed card really ends up in your shoe!

Enjoy the show, then prepare to learn the secrets of a master as every nuance is revealed. Soon, you too will Pack Small, and Play Big!
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