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The In-Laws
Warner Bros. (2003)
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Comedy, Action
USA  /  English

Michael Douglas Steve Tobias
Candice Bergen Judy
Ryan Reynolds Mark Tobias
Robin Tunney Angela
Albert Brooks Jerry Peyser
David Suchet Jean-Pierre Thibodoux
Lindsay Sloane Melissa Peyser
Maria Ricossa Katherine Peyser
Russell Andrews Agent Will Hutchins
KC and the Sunshine Band Himself

Director Andrew Fleming
Producer Bill Gerber; Andrew Stevens
Writer Andrew Bergman; Ed Solomon

As the families of an engaged couple meet for the first time, things don't exactly go off without a hitch. Steve Tobias (Michael Douglas), the father of the potential groom, is a rogue CIA agent with a laid-back attitude. On the other hand, Jerry Peyser (Albert Brooks), the bride's father, is a tightly-wound podiatrist. While celebrating the upcoming nuptials, Jerry stumbles across Steve's secrets, the latest of which involves attempting to sell a Russian submarine (codenamed "Olga") to a foreign arms smuggler. Frightened and concerned for his daughter, Jerry considers cancelling the wedding, but before he can do so, is himself ensnared in the international intrigue. On the run from the FBI, the two are forced to stick together as they battle thugs and escape various dangerous situations before finally returning home.

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