Daryl's Expert Rope Magic .... Made Easy - Volume 1 - Learning The Ropes
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Daryl, world renowned and World Champion magician, teaches you a veritable Encyclopedia of rope magic!

This three volume set gives you a working knowledge of the basics of Expert Rope Magic. Daryl then teaches you some of the greatest "classics of rope magic" ever created. This DVD set contains everything you need to know to start on the right road to Rope Magic

Volume 1 contents :

•Types of Rope
•Preventing the Ends from Fraying
•Basic Knots
•The Overhand Knot
•The Slide-Off Knot
•Construction of the Fake Knot
•Basic Square Knot
•Square Knot at Middle
•Granny Knot
•Quick Slip Knot
•Slow-Motion Slip Knot
•Tips on The Slow-Motion Slip Knot
•The Fake Knot
•Dissolving Knots
•The Tony Lopilato Knot
•The Pull-Away Knot
•Chefalo's Vanishing Knot
•Chefalo's Knot to Loop
•Hunter Bow Knot
•Combination Knot
•Dissolving Double Knot
•Grandmother's Necklace
•Basic Grandmother's Necklace
•Explanation of Grandmother's Necklace
•The Cords of Phantasia
•Ropes & Cups
•Improved Grandmother's Necklace
•The Great Coat Escape
•Walking Through Ropes
•With Wrists Tied
•The Knot of Enchantment
•Borrowed Ring Knotted onto Rope
•Bracelet on Rope
•New Bracelet on Rope
•Do As I Do
•The Nautical Puzzle
•Spectacles to Monocles
•The Gambler's Knot
•Betcha Knot
•The Hunter Knot
•Neale's Knot
•Flourish Knots
•One Handed Knot
•One-Handed Necktie Knot
•One-Handed Figure Eight Knot
•Nifty Knots
•Vanishing Knot Flourish 1
•Vanishing Knot Flourish 2
•The Flip Knot
•MGM Flip Knot I
•MGM Flip Knot II
•MGM Flip Knot III
•The Fake Unknot
•The William Tell Knot
•Cut & Restored Rope
•Floyd Thayer's Wizzo
•Rope Saver
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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