Daryl's Expert Rope Magic .... Made Easy - Volume 2 - Stringing You Along
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Daryl, world renowned and World Champion magician, teaches you a veritable Encyclopedia of rope magic!

This three volume set gives you a working knowledge of the basics of Expert Rope Magic. Daryl then teaches you some of the greatest "classics of rope magic" ever created. This DVD set contains everything you need to know to start on the right road to Rope Magic

Volume 2 contents :

•Multiple Knots
•Double Knot
•Double Ring Ceremony
•Triple Knot
•Three Knots in a Rope
•Rings & Ropes
•Types of Rings (Small)
•Finger Ring Off Rope
•Hindu Ring on Rope
•Zella Ring on Rope
•Zella Ring on Rope (alternative ending)
•Miscellaneous Rope Magic
•The Stretching Rope
•The Bachelor's Needle
•Here, Spot!
•Rope Gimmicks
•Two at a Time
•Hindu Knots
•Name a Number
•Sympathetic Ropes
•Pavel's Rope Circles
•Linking Ropes
•Ropes & Body Parts
•Ropes Through Body
•Kellar Rope Tie
•Gysel Spirit Tie
•Cut & Restored Rope
•Perplexo Cut & Restored Rope
•Cut & Restored Rope (Slydini)
•Classic Cut & Restored Rope
•Magician's Cut & Restored Rope
•Cut & Restored Rope (circa 1584)
•The Slidng Knot
•Instant Restoration
•A Novel Knot Steal & The Pop-Off Knot
•Comedy Trimming
•The Hitch
•The Hitch Knot
•Wholesale Ring Removal
•Visible Melt-Off
•Jay-Bee's Undisturbed Knot
•Pull Through
•Rope Through Spectator's Finger
•Rope Through Magician's Finger
•The Square Detector
•The Thumb Penetration
•Rope From Hand Release
•Superhuman Stunts
•Master Muscle
•Sawa's Supernatural Rope
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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