Daryl's Expert Rope Magic .... Made Easy - Volume 3 - The Great White Rope
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Daryl, world renowned and World Champion magician, teaches you a veritable Encyclopedia of rope magic!

This three volume set gives you a working knowledge of the basics of Expert Rope Magic. Daryl then teaches you some of the greatest "classics of rope magic" ever created. This DVD set contains everything you need to know to start on the right road to Rope Magic

Volume 3 contents :

•Special Knots
•Slippery Knot
•Convertible Knot
•Captive Knot
•Knot Impossible
•Nu-way Knot
•Ropes & Body Parts
•Ropes Through Neck
•Ropes Through Neck II
•Tenkai's Rope Through The Neck
•Instant Rope Through The Neck
•Loop Through Neck
•The Priest's Pearls
•Cat's Cradle Penetration
•Multiple Cut & Restored Rope
•Vishnu Rope Mystery
•Chinese Rope Chain
•Panama Rope Mystery
•Triple Rope Mystery
•Rings & Ropes
•Types of Rings (Large)
•Chanin's Linked-On
•Reverse Chanin-Off
•Direct Throw-On
•Miller's Move
•Ring & Rope Release
•Miscellaneous Rope Magic
•The Fastest Knot In The World
•Cornelius Sliding Knot
•The Kellar String Trick
•Sliding & Vanishing Knot
•The Jumping Knot I
•The Jumping Knot II
•Daryl's Rope Routine
•Daryl's Rope Routine Performance
•Preparation & Set-Up
•Pulling Off The Ends
•Cutting The Rope With The Fingers
•Rope Restoration
•The Jumping Ends
•Pulling a Piece Off Of The Rope
•The Pretzel Knot
•Instantaneous Knot
•Professor's Nightmare
•Professor's Daydream
•Jumping Knot of Pakistan Steve- it shows white knots jumping off red rope
•The Jumping Knot of Pakistan Performance
•Explanation for Jumping Knot of Pakistan
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