The Magic Of David Regal - Volume 1
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Tricks - Volume 1

The Déjà Vu Deck
Clearly Impossible
Pasteboard Massacre
There & Back
Perchance to Dream
The Half Deal
Sending It Through
All Strung Out
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Forget the latest and stick with the greatest. We’re not thrilled with the newest crop of DVDs being released, so we’re not offering them! Instead, we’re bringing your attention to this series, David Regal’s first foray into the DVD medium. We enjoy everything Regal releases, but this is (in our estimation) his best DVD collection.

Here’s why this is PHENOMENAL footage. Here you have excerpts from ALL his repertoire, going back to his first book. You have a perfect blend of (at that time) new material and classic Regal, along with some great new handlings of some of his most popular marketed effects.

Regal is the rarest of magicians, because he exemplifies expertise in technical ability (his sleights are always imperceptible and clean), creativity (his plots are dreamy and magical), and presentation (he brings his background of comedy writing and improv performance to the magic arena).

Not many DVDs make you laugh and amaze you at the same time. These DVDs deliver, and they are sure to become some of your favorites.

Here are some of our favorites:

Deep Guilt Aces: Although it’s gaffed (thus you have “deep guilt,” a spectator cuts to and turns over all four Aces. INCREDIBLE effect…and it is REALLY that clean.

The Half Deal: You deal the INK off a playing card. This looks great!

Pasteboard Massacre: Regal at his best, demonstrating one of his most popular effects.

More Information:

David Regal, when he isn't writing for television shows like Rugrats and Everybody Loves Raymond, creates diabolical magic. And, on these three new DVD's David performs and then teaches killer effects from his Magic Castle act as well as the bestselling books Close-Up & Personal, Star Quality and the forthcoming Constant Fooling. The 36 close-up items taught on these three DVD's are capable of fooling well-posted magicians, yet are exceedingly entertaining to laypeople. What's more, because of David's singular and sometimes unusual methodology, almost all of the effects are surprisingly easy to perform. First, you'll be entertained and fooled along with the studio audience and then delighted as David takes you behind the scenes and shows you the extremely clever workings of his magic. More amazing than an Elvis sighting, these three new DVD's are your chance to get really close-up and personal with the star-quality magic of David Regal.