David Roth Ultimate Coin Magic Collection - Volume 2
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The greatest collection of coin magic ever assembled on DVD! In this volume, David Roth performs and teaches a variety of routines that combine coins and silks. Penetrations, transpositions and changes - it's all visible, elegant and easy to do. Also, learn the miracles possible with an Okito Coin Box from one of its masters - the various kinds of boxes, their history, their applications - and most of all, some amazing
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Ultimate Coin Magic Collection
Volume Two


A Coin & Silk Routine - an elegant routine where a coin is magically produced from a handkerchief and is then passed straight through it.
Breast Pocket Coin Vanish - a great utility vanish that can be used on its own or as an addition to an existing routine.
Coin Through Ring 1 and 2 - a coin is twisted into the middle of a handkerchief and a borrowed ring is theaded on, which is then magically removed. Two versions are taught with one suitable for performance in even a large venue!
Tactile Coin Through Silk - a spectator pushes a coin straight through an ordinary handkerchief. A subtle and ingenious method makes this an incredibly clean and powerful piece of magic.
Novel Coin Vanish - a coin, fairly folded into a handkerchief, instantly vanishes when the handkerchief is opened out. Two methods are taught with the second happening while the spectator holds the handkerchief!
Buckley Bag Appearance - a coin visibly appears inside a folded handkerchief that was openly displayed.
Rip-O - a coin, twisted into the middle of a handkerchief, is visibly cut out with a knife, yet the handkerchief emerges unharmed.
Tenkai's Magical Filtration - A beautiful piece of magic from one of magic's legends. A coin vanishes and then audibly reappears in a folded handkerchief held by a spectator.
Copper/Silver Extraction - Two coins - one copper, one silver - are twisted into a handkerchief. The copper coin is magically extracted through the hank and then replaced the same way. The silver coin is also extracted through the hank and then everything is examined. A classic remodeled with the Roth touch!
The Original Vanishing Coin - you've heard of the oldest trick in the book? Well, this is it! Learn one of the world's oldest - and best - ways to vanish a coin while the spectator is holding it!
Coins Through Silk - David Roth's version of an effect made popular by Michael Ammar. Coins pass mysteriously and visibly through a sheer scarf.
E. Brian MacCarthy Coin Vanish - a brilliant and innovative vanish of even a large coin from a handkerchief. Two handlings.

History of the Okito Coin Box
The Standard Turnover
David Roth's Variation
Louis Tannen Turnover
Two-Handed Turnover
Roth's Method
Table Turnover
One-Handed Turnover
Frank Thompson Turnover
Steal #1
Final Turnover
Standard Method Method #2
Empty Box
Turnover Steal with More Coins
Roth's Final Turnover
The Roth Moves
Click Pass Move
Click Pass #2
Click Pass #3
Stealing a Copper Coin
Bold Steal
Variation of Bold Steal
Edge Grip Steal
Rim Steal
Scoop Stack Rim Steal Switch
Scoop Stack Variation
More Roth Moves
Friction Steal
Lid Load
Picking Up Lid / Coin Underneath
Sleight-of-Hand Steal
Classic Palm Finger
Edge Palm Steal
The Boston Box
Rim Steal with Boston Box
Producing Coins with Boston Box
Shuttle Pass Box Switches
David Roth Box Switch
Spellbound Box Switch
Bobo Box Switch
The Slot Box
Out With Four - Four coins are magically extracted from a brass box one at a time.
Out With Five - Four coins pass out of and back into the box invisibly.
Okito Copper Silver - The classic transposition as silver and copper coins magically change places even when placed into a metal box.
Okito Triple Change - Coins change places before changing into completely different coins altogether!
Okito Box Through Hand - Four coins are placed into a brass box which is balanced on the back of the performer's hand. The coins penetrate both the box and the hand. The effect is repeated. Finally, the coins remain on the performer's hand and the box visibly penetrates!
German Box & Cups - Combine coin boxes and paper cups and you get this very visual and amazing vanish and reappearance of four half-dollars.