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by Jordan Johnson

DUI a miracle in the making of the most prestigious kind. Its so crazy that youre spectators will think theyre intoxicated. But DUI in this instance stands for Duo Universus Impossibilus two impossibly combined as one. And that is exactly what happens! Imagine this

Two spectators are given the opportunity to chose a card each, and sign them to make them unique. You take one of the cards and tear it in half long ways. Then you repeat the process with the second selection. Both cards are then torn in half. Everything is fair and out in the open.

You take the four pieces and begin to restore the card in the most unique of ways the spectators cards are joined into a singular card with BOTH signatures on it. And it is immediately handed out for inspection. No going back to the deck. No switches. The card you restore is THE card THEY keep.

This is a unique test combining the Anniversary Waltz and the Torn and Restored card plot, leaving your spectators with a fantastic souvenir. Youll not believe how nuts this effect is, and the card you give out will act as a reminder to the spectators of the day they experience real magic.

DUI This is what real magic is supposed to look like

Running Time Approximately 45min
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