Essential Magic Classics - with Danny Archer
Big Blind Media (2007)
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Danny Archer is a total magic genius. He has performed more magic shows than most people have eaten dinners, and he has a fabulous relaxed performing style that people love.
This new 2 DVD set is Danny's take on both the Classics of Magic, and the tricks that he considers the cream of his own creations. It's the material that he would unleash at any event. From coins to sponge bunnies to dye tubes to cards - this DVD set will give you an entire crowd pleasing act.
And it's not just an incredible amount of magic you're learning. You also get the benefit of Danny's decades of experience and detailed teaching approach.
Contents Include:
Beginners - Covers loads of classic magic - sponge bunnies, color changing balls, 3 fly, memorized deck, etc, and teaches all the moves/psychology necessary.
Workers- Danny's highly refined working set. On top of the routines he also details his working patter, methodology and techniques for managing both audiences and props.
Hobbyists - Danny has worked hard to make these routines as streamlined as possible. For hobbyists, the handlings will be workable and very attainable.

Disc One:

Eye Exam
Pick a Coin... Any Coin...
Eight the Hard Way
There it is Again

Disc Two:

Illegitimate Sponge Bunnies
Anniversary Waltz My Way
Dye and Dye Again
MemDeck Trifecta (including The Archer Shuffle)
Edition Details
Release Date 2011
No. of Discs/Tapes 1
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Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Condition New