Eugene Burger's Magical Voyages - Volume 1 - A Voyage to the Rea
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Eugene Burger's Magical Voyages Volume 1: A Voyage to the Rea

It's not just a video - it's an experience!
Composed and directed by Max Maven!

Hurry, hurry, step right up and see the amazing Close-Up Magician, captured live in his natural habitat.

Working behind a bar, for an audience of real people, Eugene Burger makes it clear why he's one of the world's most celebrated close-up artists. Then, he's joined by David Parr to analyze these time-tested routines from Eugene's actual performing repertoire, such as his ultra-commercial approach to the Sponge Balls (including the "real work" on breaking them in). You'll be delighted at the clever method behind David Solomon's Cutting Ten. You'll be impressed at how much excitement Eugene can derive from a Simple Spelling card trick. You'll be drawn in by his presentation for Alan Ackerman's Gemini Money gambling routine. And, for the first time, Eugene and David reveal two astonishing new methods for a U. F. Grant classic (which can now be done using the new-style bills - or any type of currency) in The 21st Century Bill Transposition.

But there's more, because Eugene also offers special insights into spectator management, audience involvement, and the concepts and theories that transform magic into something meaningful.

(Special photo gallery only on the DVD.)
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