Eugene Burger's Magical Voyages - Volume 2 - A Voyage to the Unr
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Eugene Burger's Magical Voyages Volume 2: A Voyage to the Unr

"Hey ... is it getting weird in here, or is it just me?"
Well, it's certainly not just Eugene Burger because on this tape he's joined by Jeff McBride to explore close-up magic that is offbeat, whimsical, and decidedly strange. This journey begins with a Flash Spirit Message, as efficient a link to the ghostly realm as you could ever ask for. In Double Reverse, a classic Walter Gibson effect is raised from a card trick into an evocative piece of intimate Spirit Theater (that includes Eugene's personal handling on Glorpy). Eugene's version of Al Baker's The Card in the Hat leads into a detailed discussion of advanced thread technique. Jeff then shows what happens when Mark Twain meets Robert Neale, as he performs and explains The Five Gifts of Life. A darker humor is on display when Eugene teaches Phil Goldstein's The Wagers of Sin. And finally, there's a thorough analysis of Matt Schulien's superb Corner in the Glass.

But there's more, because Eugene also offers special insights into presentational framing, rehearsal techniques, and the concepts and theories that transform magic into something significant.

(Special photo gallery only on the DVD.)
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