Secret Seminars Of Magic With Patrick Page - 1 - thumb tips
L&L Publishing
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Patrick Page is one of the world's most knowledgeable magicians and on this series he teaches many of magic's most enduring routines. This DVD concentrates on magic and techniques with a thumb tip.

Routines and techniques include: Pop Your Ear, Vanishing Silk, Thumb Tip Don'ts, A Match Vanish, Paper Bag Vanish, Salt Trick, Diminishing Handkerchief, Cigarette Vanish, Cigarette Vanish In Silk, Big Coin, Little Coin Variation With Sponge Balls, Vanishing Coins, Silk Purse, Bill & Silk, Torn & Restored Bill, Silk Vanish & Production, Coin Vanish Afterthoughts, Burnt & Restored Napkin, Balancing A Card, A COD Handkerchief Vanish and much more.

This is volume one in the Secret Seminars Of Magic series. Encoded for worldwide viewing. Produced by L&L Publishing. Original release date: VHS: 198?, DVD: March 2005.
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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