Hypnosis Secrets Exposed - by Dr. Jonathan Royle
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Open minds and explore the power of hypnotic effect! Television hypnotist Dr. Jonathan Royle reveals the true secrets behind stage hypnosis, comedy hypnotism, and street-style trance illusions!

Hypnosis Secrets Exposed by Dr. Jonathan Royle features an astounding five hours of video training, over thirty-seven hours of audio, and twenty-three study guides all in one package – the industry's most valuable secrets exposed!

Why pretend to have mentalism powers when true mind control is within reach? Grab hold of your audience and weave an impressive demonstration of your hypnotic abilities. Hypnosis Secrets Exposed includes everything you need to develop an engaging multi-venue show!

More than FIVE HOURS of video training!
Over THIRTY HOURS of audio training!
TWENTY-THREE books and manuals!
Full-feature publicity & promo templates!
Professional diplomas and certifications included!
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