International Magicians Society's Pro Magic School - 40 Volume DVD Set
International Magicians Society (2010)
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International Magicians Society's PRO MAGIC SCHOOL

The IMS Pro Magic School is jam-packed with hundreds of tricks, routines, and ideas. We even have volumes on knife throwing, escapes & picking locks, pick-pocketing, balloon twisting, children's magic, mentalism, radio magic, and much more!

Imagine being able to call a radio station and tell the DJ the objects he's holding! And the radio magic volumes will teach you amazing radio effects that you can build a reputation for yourself in your local area! Most DJ's welcome this kind of material!

Within the first 15 seconds you walk on the stage, people judge you. And either they like you or they don't. Bob Fitch will teach you the in's and out's of stage craft, how to have stage presence, and how to command the audience's attention!

For the first time, Harry Lorayne teaches on DVD his crown jewel, the Magic Squares! He makes it so simple that you can do it within minutes after viewing the DVD! He shares with you his 60 years of experience on the Magic Squares! The Magic Squares is a real reputation-maker! This one volume alone is worth the price of the entire DVD set!

Joshua Jay teaches you some of his original and incredible card magic!

Tony Hassini teaches you amazing mental magic that will blow your audiences away! Yet it's easy and simple to do!

Devlin teaches the most guarded secrets of the razor blades! And he shares with you many original ideas!

Once again, Rocco outdid himself! He shares some of the greatest ideas that won him the FISM award!

Boris Wild shares his original card magic that will touch the hearts and blow the minds of any audience!

Robin Channing shares with you topits and the inner secrets of working the topit, loading and unloading pockets, and creating a new type of magic with stuff that's never been seen before! He'll teach you a dove production from the topit that you must see to believe! This can be done surrounded! This is ideal for parties and walk around!

Ernesto Planas teaches you close-up magic that is beyond belief!

Deddy Corbuzier teaches powerful mental effects that will stun any audience! His mental effects are tested and proven by thousands of performances!

Each volume is approximately 30 minutes. This set contains seven DVD's. Each DVD contains five volumes, which is approximately 2 1/2 hours per DVD.
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