International Magicians Society's Magic Academy Course Of Magic - 50 Volume Complete Magic Home Study Course
International Magicians Society (2002)
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International Magicians Society's Magic Academy Course Of Magic

The most complete video course on magic ever!
This course teaches you everything about magic from A to Z!

When we first began the I.M.S. Magic Academy Course of Magic in December of 1992, we had one idea in mind; to create the finest course of magic on video. A format that provides you with the knowledge and secrets that the old Masters spent a life-time learning. Today you do not have to spend a life-time. It is all yours on a silver plater, so that you can go further and faster in magic. And with the Magic Academy Course of Magic now on DVD, you have instant access to any performance, demonstration, and explanation!

The I.M.S. Magic Academy Course of Magic consists of 50 volumes. Each volume features a Master Magician, sharing with you the knowledge and secrets that took him a life-time to learn. One volume (#38) even features Stage Hypnotism.

The I.M.S. Magic Academy Course of Magic fills a need that is long overdue. This course, similar to other correspondence, has rules, regulations and guidelines.

1st - This Course will never be sold to the general public. It is ONLY available to the members of International Magicians Society.

2nd - The price of each video is kept affordable so that even a young child, who is a member of I.M.S., can buy the volumes.

FINALLY, with the acquistion of the complete 50 Volume Course, the I.M.S. member is eligible to take a written and practical exam for the DOCTOR of MAGIC or D.M. DEGREE. For more information on the Doctor of Magic exam,
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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Magic Academy DVD Disk 1:
Volume 1: Basic Card Sleights, by Harry Lorayne
Volume 2: Basic Card Tricks, by Harry Lorayne
Volume 3: Routined Card Magic, by Derek Dingle
Volume 4: Card Manipulations, Lou Lancaster
Volume 5: Basic Coin Sleights, by Patrick Page

Magic Academy DVD Disk 2:
Volume 6: Classic Coin Magic, by Johnny Thompson
Volume 7: Fascinating Coin Magic 1, by Dean Dill
Volume 8: Fascinating Coin Magic 2, by Dean Dill
Volume 9: Innovative Manipulations, by Finn Jon
Volume 10: Classic Routines, by Lou Lancaster

Magic Academy DVD Disk 3:
Volume 11: Entertaining Close-Up Magic, by Johnny Thompson
Volume 12: The Magic of Tom Mullica 1, by Tom Mullica
Volume 13: The Magic of Tom Mullica 2, by Tom Mullica
Volume 14: Routined Coin & Card Magic, by Derek Dingle
Volume 15: Amazing Magic, by Patrick Page

Magic Academy DVD Disk 4:
Volume 16: Dove Magic 1, by Tony Clark
Volume 17: Dove Magic 2, by Tony Clark
Volume 18: Stand-Up Close Magic, by Bobby J. Gallo
Volume 19: Gambler's Secrets Exposed, by Lou Lancaster
Volume 20: The Art of Ventriloquism, by Tom Mullica

Magic Academy DVD Disk 5:
Volume 21: Enchanting Cabaret Magic 1, by Billy McComb
Volume 22: Enchanting Cabaret Magic 2, by Billy McComb
Volume 23: Topit Magic, by Patrick Page
Volume 24: Magical Inventions of John Cornelius
Volume 25: Unusual Magic, by Ali Bongo

Magic Academy DVD Disk 6:
Volume 26: The Linking Rings, by Lou Lancaster
Volume 27: The Art of Sleeving, by Rocco
Volume 28: Tribute to Slydini, by Rocco
Volume 29: Complete Mentalism 1, by Ron Frost
Volume 30: Complete Mentalism 2, by Ron Frost

Magic Academy DVD Disk 7:
Volume 31: Complete Mentalism 3, by Ron Frost
Volume 32: Silk Magic, by Joseph Sheik
Volume 33: Rope Magic, by Lou Lancaster
Volume 34: Rubber Band Magic, by Joe Rindfleisch
Volume 35: Sponge Ball Magic, by David Oliver

Magic Academy DVD Disk 8:
Volume 36: Escape Magic, by Scott Enterante
Volume 37: Comedy Magic, by John Ferrentino
Volume 38: Stage Hypnotism, by Max Toth & Joann Abrahamsen
Volume 39: Paper Magic, by Tony Hassini
Volume 40: Children's Magic, by Dr. Om

Magic Academy DVD Disk 9:
Volume 41: Gimmicks: Magic's Greatest Secrets, by Tony Hassini
Volume 42: Thumb Tip Magic, by Mario J. Gonzalez, Jr.
Volume 43: Black Art Magic, by Dondrake
Volume 44: The Art of Pick-Pocketing, by Remington Scott
Volume 45: Easy Sleight of Hand Magic, by Gary Darwin

Magic Academy DVD Disk 10:
Volume 46: Grand Illusions 1, by Tony Hassini
Volume 47: Grand Illusions 2, by Tony Hassini
Volume 48: Grand Illusions 3, by Tony Hassini
Volume 49: Grand Illusions 4, by Tony Hassini
Volume 50: Grand Illusions 5, by Tony Hassini