International Magicians Society's Platinum Collection - 35 Volume DVD Set
International Magicians Society (2006)
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International Magicians Society's Platinum Collection
35-Volume DVD Set

•• Over 200 Tricks and Routines! And more!
•• Bonus: Learn 13 Complete Acts!
•• Learn from the Experts!

Terry Seabrooke, Greg Gleason, Steve Cohen, Al Schneider, Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Harry Lorayne, Rocco, Murray, Gary Darwin, Duane Laflin, Father Cyprian, Lee Grabel, Dave Hamner, Joe Stevens, Tony Hassini, Kirby Van Burch, Joe Shiek, Robin Chantawan, Paul Draper, and more!

•• This one act is worth the price of the entire set:
You arrive at the airport. Your suitcase is lost. Your props are
gone. You have a show that evening. What are you going to do?

We will show you how you can put a full-evening show together with average props you can find in local stores!
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No. of Discs/Tapes 1
Personal Details
Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Condition New

Platinum Collection DVD Disk 1:
Volume 1: Impromptu Card Magic 1, by Harry Lorayne
Volume 2: Impromptu Card Magic 2, by Harry Lorayne
Volume 3: Parlor Magic 1, by Steve Cohen
Volume 4: Parlor Magic 2, by Steve Cohen
Volume 5: Close-up Magic, by Chuck Crespo

Platinum Collection DVD Disk 2:
Volume 6: Thimble Magic, by Jeff McBride
Volume 7: Silk Act, by Duane Laflin
Volume 8: Duane Laflin, Jim Holmes, Joe Stevens, & Mark Cannon
Volume 9: The Magic of Gyula Czili 1
Volume 10: The Magic of Gyula Czili 2

Platinum Collection DVD Disk 3:
Volume 11: The Magic of Eugene Burger
Volume 12: "Little Joe" Act, by Greg Gleason
Volume 13: Table Magic, by Greg Gleason
Volume 14: Electronic Magic 1, by Chuck Caputo
Volume 15: Electronic Magic 2, by Chuck Caputo

Platinum Collection DVD Disk 4:
Volume 16: The Magic of Murray
Volume 17: Murray & Paul Draper
Volume 18: Cold Reading Act, by Paul Draper
Volume 19: Retentions, by Gary Darwin
Volume 20: Linking Ring Act, by Gary Darwin

Platinum Collection DVD Disk 5:
Volume 21: Ultimate Rising Card, by Father Cyprian
Volume 22: Multiplying Ball Act, by Robin Chantawan
Volume 23: Restaurant Act, by Robin Chantawan
Volume 24: Integrated Act, by Robin Chantawan
Volume 25: The Magic of Terry Seabrook

Platinum Collection DVD Disk 6:
Volume 26: The Magic & Legacy of Lee Grabel
Volume 27: Cups & Balls Act, by Dave Hamner
Volume 28: The Magic of Kirby Van Birch
Volume 29: Rope Magic, by Joe Sheik
Volume 30: Cigarette Act, by Joe Sheik

Platinum Collection Disk 7:
Volume 31: Harry Monte, Al Schneider, & Dave Hamner
Volume 32: Emergency Act 1, by Tony Hassini
Volume 33: Emergency Act 2, by Tony Hassini
Volume 34: Rope Act, by Tony Hassini
Volume 35: Principles of Slydini, by Rocco