Twenty Eleven 30 Volume DVD Set - 30 Volume DVD Set
International Magicians Society (2003)
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International Magicians Society's Twenty Eleven 30 Volume DVD Set

Once again, we are bringing you 30 volumes on 6 DVDs and one great bonus volume, totaling 31 volumes. Each DVD has beautifully designed menus, where you can instantly go to the performances or teaching parts of the DVD. It makes learning fun and easy.
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
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Here is a brief description of what you will be getting.

DVD Disk 1
1st Volume: Eugene Burger
In the first volume, Eugene Burger, with his unique and original style, teaches us some of the most useful magic we can do on the telephone. This will become useful, when you're negotiating with a client and offer to do magic with them over the phone.

2nd Volume: Greg Gleason
In the second volume, Greg Gleason gave us an exclusive interview. In this interview, he shared with us a lot of well-guarded business techniques that took him from A to Z. I'm sure you will learn a great deal from this interview.

3nd Volume: Marc Oberon
Marc Oberon is one of the most fertile minds in our business. His original style and thinking brought us so much incredible and visual magic. In the third volume, Marc shares with us some of those gems.

4th Volume: Morgan Strebler and Jeff McBride
Morgan Strebler and Jeff McBride shares with you incredible magic. As you all know, Morgan Strebler is one of the top metal benders in the world. In the fourth volume, He shares with you some of his techniques that seems impossible, yet so simple, that you will take this and run with it.

5th Volume: Paul Vigil
Paul Vigil has been compared to some of the greatest card magicians who ever lived, including Charlie Miller, Ed Marlo, Dai Vernon, and a lot more. In the fifth volume, Paul shows and teaches the most entertaining and reputation-making magic with cards.

Bonus Volume: Greats from The Magic Academy
We picked footage from our Magic Academy DVD Set to introduce you to the greatest teachers and their material from the Magic Academy. On this volume, Johnny Thompson, Ali Bongo, Patrick Page, Finn Jon, and Billy McComb will entertain you and teach you their pet effects. If you don't have the Magic Academy, you will love this. If you do, you will appreciate us putting this volume together as a memory and tribute to these great masters.

DVD Disk 2
In this DVD, Tony Hassini brings you five volumes jam packed with Magic With Science. This is the kind of stuff that you could take it and run with it. Magic With Science will open up doors for you into the public libraries and public schools, or any other educational centers. You can offer your services to teach magic with science. The children will love it. And the educators will be more than happy to pay you, because it's educational and fun. It will open up whole new dimensions for your students.

DVD Disk 3
1st Volume: Eugene Burger
In the first volume, Eugene Burger mesmerizes us with his unique story-telling and incredible and unbelievable magic. And when he reveals the secrets, you can't wait to run out and do it for your next audience. This is one volume that you will be so eager to learn and begin performing.

2nd Volume: Paul Draper
When we first discovered Paul Draper, we knew we discovered a gem. Throughout the years, he contributed some of his best material to the IMS DVD library. For those of you who have seen his incredible work, you know what we are talking about. In this volume, he shares with you a tried and proven formula on cold reading. He gives you an entire act that you can do. He knows better than anyone else that when you are booking your show, if you offer your normal magic and a BONUS of doing readings for the guests either before or after the show, it will give you the advantage over the other magicians and guarantee you getting the job.

3rd Volume: Gran Henry
Gran Henry is one of the grand masters of Latin America. He teaches us his incredible sponge ball act, which won him numerous awards. Don't miss this award-winning complete act with sponge balls.

4th Volume: International Magicians
On this volume, we feature Tibor Philip from Hungary, Vladimir from Croatia, and Spider from Mexico. Each one of these international stars show and teach us some of their favorite tricks. Spider from Mexico had the entire FLASOMA convention in Guatemala in stunned disbelief and getting standing ovations for the trick that he will be sharing with us. It is the most visual magic that I've seen in years. Don't miss it.

5th Volume: David Martin
A true rock-star magician share with us entertaining and visual magic. He goes into fine detail teaching each effect with finesse and clarity. He has clever methods of producing products in magical ways.

DVD Disk 4
1st and 2nd Volume: Craig Dickson
For those of you who had the privilege of watching him performing or lecturing, you know what I am talking about. In these two volumes, Craig shares with us the most amazing and visual magic. And his explanations simplify each effect that you can't wait to jump and start doing them.

3rd Volume: Brad Ross
Brad Ross started out in his early career as a kid's magician doing birthdays and bar mitzvahs. When he decided to take the big leap to become a stage illusionist and superstar, he took certain roads. And within less than 12 months, he was booked into the major shows. He just finished his six-year tour working for Disney productions as the star performer traveling to more than 26 countries. In this volume, Brad Ross shares with you his most guarded secrets of how you too can reach the next level in your career.

4th Volume: David Affieri
David Affieri from Monterrey, Mexico had discovered a big finish on his close-up routine or mind-reading routine. His discovery earned him a world-wide reputation. He will share with you the method and secrets of changing your eye color right in front of the spectators by the blink of an eye. If you are looking for something different and original, you will like this one.

5th Volume: Harry Lorayne
Harry Lorayne needs no introduction. After writing more than 30 books on magic and year after year contributing to the IMS DVD library, he came through again this year with some amazing magic that he's kept closely guarded for many years.

DVD Disk 5
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Volumes: Christopher Rose
Christopher Rose is a highly respected up-and-coming mind control artist from Las Vegas. He will teach you the fine art of presentation and the secrets of his mind-boggling mental magic that will make you look like a real mind-reader.

4th Volume: Greg Gleason
Greg Gleason shows and teaches you one of the most guarded effects: Doug Henning's Floating Ball. Unlike any other floating ball, Greg's version of the Floating Ball will go to any direction and the magician is not limited in any way, by body angles or anything else. If you want to do a floating object, you must study this DVD.

5th Volume: Greg Gleason
Greg Gleason shares with us the art of professionalism, the tested and proven ideas that will have your clients book you again and again. This is the kind of thing that most magicians will not share with you. They will keep it close to their chest. Greg Gleason, one of the most caring and generous members of the magic community, is open to share his ideas with us.

DVD Disk 6
1st and 2nd Volumes: Robin Channing
Robin Channing goes into fine detail of teaching you Any Card At Any Number with routines and different methods, anything from simple to advanced Any Card At Any Number. This effect has made reputations for some of the most respected magicians in our industry. Now you too can perform Any Card At Any Number.

3rd Volume: Robin Channing
Robin Channing teaches you card manipulations, as well as his unique interlock card production, which is admired by Jeff McBride, Jeff Sheridan, Rocco, James Demare, Sylvan, and many pros who have seen him do the seamless card productions with the interlock method. Ever since the 1990's, this interlock card production was considered an urban legend. Now you too can perform this amazing interlock card production.

4th Volume: Rocco
In this volume, Rocco goes into fine detail of teaching you a signed card control into anything and any object. This one card miracle will serve you for many years to come. Rocco even shows you how you can make signed cards go through a glass table, glass doors, glass windows, or plastic bags. Even if you don't do card magic, you will take this and run with it. Don't miss it! This is a must see!

5th Volume: Rocco
In this volume: Rocco shares with you lots of different routines with different items, applications, productions, and vanishes, as well as transformations. In my opinion, Rocco is the Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci of magic. He is original and different. And he's willing to share his art with his fellow magicians. Thank you Rocco for giving us year after year the best in magic!

The great news is that we no longer manufacture DVDs on the old fashioned DVD format, which is called DVD 5. Now we are producing this highest quality DVDs with the newest technology, which is called DVD 9. And they store more information in a higher quality format. These DVDs are approximately 3 hours in total length. And each volume is approximately 30 minutes or more.

Any one given volume will be worth more than the price of the entire DVD set. Without hesitating, I can tell you this is the bargain of the century!