Color Changes - with Jay Noblezada
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Color Changes

You've seen it on TV! Now you can learn how to make playing cards visually change right before your spectators eyes!

You'll Learn

Snap Change - Blow on a card and it changes instantly! Now broken down to it's bare essentials, this is the best variation ever!
Twirl Change - Visualy and practicaly shake a card and it morphs right before their eyes! Learn the key handlings that make this color change work.
Winter Change - Cold as ice! This will send chills up your spine... your spectators will feel it too!
The Classic - Don't let it's name fool you. You'll want to do this one all the time!
Top Change - Considered the best change... Do you work the trenches" The top change is your new best friend! Change a card in any situation completely away from the deck!
Spin Change - One of the hardest color changes alive! Spin a card and watch it change... single handedly!
Second Change - An off beat visual shock to your spectators eyes! Clip Steal Change - Cover the face of the deck for an instant, and a card changes. This is a color change the underground doesn't want you to know about!
Houdini Change - saught after by every card enthusiast, and depended on by most working professionals. Named after The Icon for a reason.
Flick Change - audio and visual factors unite to produce one of the most commercial color changes available.
Noblezada Strange Change - misdirection at it's finest!
... Plus much more!
Including in depth work on The Double Lift, Side Steal, and The Second Deal! And a bonus that has never been offerd on a magic DVD... not like this one!

Running Time Approximately 3hr 22min
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