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Three Stooges Funniest Moments #1
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Curly Joe DeRita
Larry Fine
Moe Howard
Curly Howard
Joe DeRita
Three Stooges

THE THREE STOOGES: FUNNIEST MOMENTS I Rare Glimpses of Moe, Larry, and Curly Joe in Color These rare glimpses of Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Curly Joe DeRita in color were shot in 1965 as live-action scenes for The New Three Stooges cartoon show, representing the team at the peak of its popularity. While cleaning a musty mansion, they discover a suit of armor that appears to be inhabited, and Moe matches wits with a checker-playing chimp (we won’t tell you who wins) as the boys play zany zookeepers. They wreak havoc on a golf course, the open road, a fishing boat, a camping trip, an airport scale, and the beach, and as perplexed paperhangers, foolish photographers, short-tempered chefs, and dim-bulb doctors. A FILM SHOWS, INC. PRODUCTION Compiled by SANDY OLIVERI Creative Consultant KEN CAYRE Executive Producers KEN CAYRE, JOE CAYRE, STAN CAYRE Production Associate JEFF BAKER ©1998 Film Shows, Inc. THE THREE STOOGES FESTIVAL® is a registered trademark of Comedy III Entertainment Inc. used under license Approximately 46 minutes Color

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