Jay Sankey's Crash Course In Coin Magic
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Sankey's Crash Course In Coin Magic

Featuring 30 essential sleights + tricks, Jay's 'CRASH COURSE IN COIN MAGIC' is the one of the most comprehensive and visually-detailed coin magic project EVER. (Originally, 'Sleight-of-Hand Secrets with Coins' but with an insightful new audio commentary from Jay!)

Learn the secrets to making ordinary coins appear, vanish, invisibly travel, multiply, pass through tables, melt through pockets, transform into candies, and bend like paper,

PLUS two BONUS sections featuring 'The Secret Art of Lapping' and some of Jay's favorite 'Coin Magic Flourishes.'

Learn many of the most essential techniques in coin magic - and learn them the RIGHT WAY.

'CRASH COURSE' will prepare you for the more advanced coin tricks featured on Jay's 'SHINE' and 'REVOLUTIONARY COIN MAGIC' projects.

This is also the perfect project for:

*Students who are NEW to coin magic

*Or more experienced performers who want to eliminate any BAD HABITS they've already formed, and take their understanding of the unique psychology of coin magic to exciting new levels.

Jay also shares the fascinating secrets of mirroring, misdirection, rhythm, sight lines, timing, canceling, conditioning, time lapses, and more.

And many of these valuable lessons, you'll be able to apply to ALL your magic tricks.

To maximize the learning, all the mind-bending tricks + powerful sleights are taped from multiple angles, including:

*wide shots
*extreme close-ups
*side shots
*and over the shoulder clips

Jay also reveals the secrets to...

SLIDE VANISH: The most 'casual' vanish in all of coin magic. You don't pretend to TAKE or PUT the coin 'in the other hand.' You just let it softly SLIDE into the hand...and it still vanishes. Crazy deceptive.

HIMBER VANISH: The only coin vanish where the coin truly falls INTO the other hand. It's not an illusion. The coin really does 'leave the hand' - but it STILL vanishes!

UPSIDEDOWN RETENTION VANISH: Jay has seen the 'retention vanish' poorly taught in many books and DVDS, so he's excited to share the 'real work' on this eye-popping technique with his students.

FRENCH DROP 2.0: This sweet twist on the classic sleight takes it to a whole other level. One of the most VISUAL false transfers you'll ever learn.

L'HOMME MASQUE is one of Jay's most performed ways to produce a coin from an
absolutely EMPTY hand. And again, taught in the DETAIL it deserves.

You'll also learn the secrets to Jay's 'COINS TO CANDIES' trick...with your sleeves rolled up, you impossibly change two coins into two wrapped candies. The polished structure leaves you with nothing 'held out' or palmed - making this a KILLER opening trick.

"Finally a coin magic project for EVERYONE. 'Crash Course in Coin Magic' is an instant classic."-George Varva

"This DVD is exceptional. I learned so much in just a few hours. Five stars for sure."-Richard Queens

"I can't believe how much coin magic Jay revealed! And the multiple cameras really did make it a lot easier for me to learn all the important fine points."-Shawn Bennett

"Incredible learning experience!"-Jan DeCorsa

"The magic psychology Jay shares is priceless."-Brian Servis
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