Jay Sankey's Pandora's Box
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Jay Sankey's Pandora's Box

The Effect

Based on a Roy Walton idea, Jay has been exploring various gimmicks for years. These are the very best to date! Less than 5 minutes to install into ANY CARD CASE! And the case can STILL HOLD A FULL DECK OF CARDS!

What You Get
Along with the very clever gimmicks you receive a full-length DVD explaining the all-important fine details Jay's DVDs are famous for.

The DVD also includes:

Jay's acclaimed 2 ring transposition handling! An absolute KILLER under any close-up performance conditions!

Learn audience and pocket management tips, how to use a marker to maximize pocket management, combining flash paper with PANDORA'S BOX for even more dramatic effects, and performing for groups vs. one-on-one!

Jay also includes an invaluable psychological analysis of the all-too-common practice of OVERPROVING and how it just creates suspicion!

You'll also learn very practical ways to add PANDORA'S BOX to your coins across and coins through the table routines!

SPECIAL BONUS: Learn JC Wagner's astonishing table change + the Mercury Card Fold + 3 different coin vanishes!

You ALREADY carry a card case. Make sure you get as much REAL MAGIC out of it as you can!!!!

. Easy to do! Instantly re-sets!
. Perform miracles with borrowed rings, marked coins, keys, bottle caps and more!
. The magic happens in the spectator's own hands! Guaranteed BIG reactions!
. Appearances, transformation, transpositions and more!
. Comes complete with special gimmicks and a full-length instructional DVD!
Edition Details
Original Title Jay Sankey's Pandora's Box
No. of Discs/Tapes 1
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Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Condition New