Jay Sankey's The Art Of Sleight Of Hand
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Art Of Sleight Of Hand
by Jay Sankey

Learn the real secrets to becoming a master sleight-of-hand magician!

In the spring of 2005, Jay hosted a very special live show featuring 9 outstanding sleight-of-hand magicians. Taped at Toronto’s George Ignatieff Theatre by a professional 4-camera crew in front of a sold-out crowd, the DVD documents memorable performances byf Jay Sankey, Richard Sanders, Mike Skutt, Jason Maloney, David Peck, Wij, Allan Nackan, Colin Bartlett and Ray Chance.

Watching true pros do what they do best in front of a thrilled audience is an education in itself, but the “real gold” of this DVD is found in the DOZENS of intimate interview segments.

Take your own sleight-of-hand to the next level as each seasoned performer generously shares their invaluable thoughts on:

The Keys to Outstanding Sleight-of-Hand
Their Favorite Sleights
Philosophies on Practicing
The Importance of Timing
Advice to Beginners
What they Love About Performing Magic
And so much more!

And as a very special EXTRA ADDED BONUS Jay has agreed to include his classic “Locomotion” card effect AND his killer “Private Property” mentalist effect complete with full instructions PLUS THE SPECIALLY PRINTED BICYCLE CARD GIMMICKS!!
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