Johnny Thompson Commercial Classics of Magic Vol 2
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Johnny Thompson Commercial Classics of Magic - Volume 2

The material contained in these tapes is made up of classic effects that have stood the test of time and performance and therefore can truly be deemed commercial. They are effects that I've successfully used throughout my career and, in most instances, the moves, routines and handlings were garnered directly from the authors. It is, in my estimation, some of the best close-up, parlor, walk-around and stage magic that has ever been developed and the authors are a virtual Who's Who of magic that run the gamut from Allerton to Zarrow, with a great deal of Vernon in between. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy learning and performing these wonderful Commercial Classics as much as I have.
THE TRAVELERS-CARD IN ENVELOPE (Dai Vernon-Paul LePaul)-Vernon's handling, completely explained.

TRIUMPH (Dai Vernon)-A demonstration of the Strip-Out Shuffle method that the Professor actually used when he performed the effect.

THE ENDLESS CHAIN (George Blake)-A three-phase routine based on material from the Blake manuscript.

VERNON POKER DEAL (Dai Vernon)-The routine includes an explanation of the Zarrow Shuffle.

CHINK-A-CHINK (Max Malini)-Malini's routine fully explained.

THE CAP & PENCE (Nate Leipzig)-Classic rendition of Leipzig's Pride.

METAL CARD MIRACLE (Princess Card Trick) (Harry Harper/Dai Vernon)-A full description of the Jacob Daley version of this classic.
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