Johnny Thompson Commercial Classics of Magic Vol 3
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Johnny Thompson Commercial Classics of Magic - Volume 3

The material contained in these tapes is made up of classic effects that have stood the test of time and performance and therefore can truly be deemed commercial. They are effects that I've successfully used throughout my career and, in most instances, the moves, routines and handlings were garnered directly from the authors. It is, in my estimation, some of the best close-up, parlor, walk-around and stage magic that has ever been developed and the authors are a virtual Who's Who of magic that run the gamut from Allerton to Zarrow, with a great deal of Vernon in between. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy learning and performing these wonderful Commercial Classics as much as I have.
THE BIDDLE TRICK (Elmer Biddle/Alex Elmsley/Ed Marlo)-A routine and handling based on the original Biddle effect.

MALINI CARD STAB (Max Malini)-A quick and direct method for the Malini classic that is performed on a working surface that can be found in just about everybody's home.

KORAN MEDALLION (Al Koran)-The Medallion remains in full view throughout the entire presentation.

HEADS-UP-A mental effect utilizing borrowed coins.

OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND (Dai Vernon)-The Professor's classic mental card mystery.

PHANTOM CIGARETTE (Manuel)-Manuel, Master of the Mighty Dollar's technique for this classic cigarette effect is fully described.

HANKY PANKY (Emil Jarrow)-Jarrow's impromptu Solid-Through-Solid routine.

SPELLBOUND (Dai Vernon)-Vernon's classic routine with some additions.

PRESTO CHANGO (Thomas Beardon)-A highly commercial walk-around routine that ends with a very clean, in-their-hands version of the Copper & Silver transformation

COIN IN BOTTLE-Thompson's routine for this classic is loaded with subtleties.

3 BALL ROUTINE (John Scarne/Oscar Pladic)-As taught to John by Oscar Pladic.

NO BODY LOAD LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION (Tony Marks)-The best non-body load production ever devised.
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