The Wicked World of Liam Montier volume 2 - Montier, Liam
Big Blind Media (2008)
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DVD  Region 1

The Wicked World of Liam Montier volume 2
by Big Blind Media - DVD

Enter the twisted but brilliant mind of the UK's Liam Montier. Famed for his inventive and ingenious solutions to every magical plot he tackles, this respected practitioner has a magical effect for every situation.

Like some mad inventor, Liam has the ability to take ANY object to hand and construct a fantastic routine. Across the two volumes of 'The Wicked World...', you'll find material using everything from cards, coins, bubblewrap, bank statements, lollipops, corks, business cards, socks, string - you name it, Liam will use it!

And what's even better, is that the stuff is EASY!!


Coin in Case
Little Miss Show
Smiling Queen
Sleeve Assembly
Card Deck Case
Happy Monte
Only Joking
Card thru Bag

Running Time Approximately 1hr 24min
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No. of Discs/Tapes 1
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Purchase Date 3/15/2015
Location Video Library at Home
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Condition New