Magic Dungeon Mentalism
Robert Wagner
Magic Limited-Lloyd E. Jones (1972)
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USA  eng
Wagner, Bob and Howard Adams: Magic Dungeon Mentalism
©1972, Pub by Lloyd E. Jones, Magic Ltd
Hardcover, 104 pages

Comments: "From the dark and dingy depths of the MAGIC DUNGEON come some of the most unusual, creative contributions of the Art of Magic." Over 50 Illustrations by Lawrence Steinhauer.


8 Rorshock! (Bob Wagner)
11 Pile-O-Pairs (Howard Adams)
13 Triplicidence (Howard Adams)
14 Mystic Octagon of Strega (Bob Wagner)
19 Telamee (Howard Adams)
22 Think-A-Phone (Bob Warner)
28 Evribodithot (Howard Adams)
32 Past, Present, and Future Deck (Bob Wagner)
36 Timentric (Howard Adams)
41 Out of Sight (Bob Wagner)
46 Devil Darts (Howard Adams and Bob Wagner)
49 Quadra-Sense (Lawrence Steinhauer)
52 Strega's Question and Answer Deck (Bob Wagner)
55 Multeeminds (Howard Adams)
57 Simbal Dek (Bob Wagner)
63 Threesee (Howard Adams)
64 Pseudo-Hypnotic (Bob Wagner)
70 Brainrave (Howard Adams)
74 Matchmaker (Bob Wagner)
77 Nice Dice (Howard Adams)
80 Thoroughly Digested (Bob Wagner)
84 Mad Add (Howard Adams)
88 Zo-Dial (Bob Wagner)
90 X-WAY (Howard Adams)
94 Psyclic Prediction (Bob Wagner)
99 Houdini and the Dungeon (Howard Adams)
100 Starstrick (Howard Adams)

This 104 page book, features a variety of creative and peculiar effects and performances, contributed by members of the MAGIC DUNGEON ACADEMY, which was "an obscure but prolific magic group that has its laboratory and members located in Los Angeles, California." Contributors include the authors, Bob Wagner and Howard Adams, as well as Lawrence Steinhauer. Profusely illustrated throughout, with black and white illustrations.
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