Magically yours
Verrall Wass
Magic Wand Publishing Co (1953)
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Magic tricks
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Wass, Verrall: Magically Yours
©1953 George Armstrong, London
Hardcover, 145 pages

Comments: A "Magic Wand" Publication


7 Dedication
9 Beliefs Behind this Book (Verrall Wass): achieving balance

13 Nine One - Card Confections
13 Nofors Card in Cigarette
17 The Spectator Predicts: determine which card was written by spectator
23 Purely Co-Incidental: take a card with three cards
26 Slate Impossibility: a chemical trick with slates and cards
30 Simplest of all Spelling Tricks: with a stacked deck
31 The Uncommercial Traveller: card trick that doesn't always work
36 Make Your Mind a Blank: card trick apparently goes wrong
40 The Pack Twins: sympathetic decks with gimmicked tray
43 Verrall's Very Slippery Deck: vanishing deck

48 Nine Two - More Card Confections
48 The V.W. Rising Cards
51 Cutting a Card: Jumbo card is cut in pieces yet the scissors don't go near it, and then it is restored
56 Blotoff: card trick where everything seems to go wrong, with mechanical apparatus for you to build
62 Pips that Pass in the Night: Jumbo card trick - pips travel to a slate
65 Going Down: ball bobs in the water to determine value of card selections
68 Off With His Head: Jumbo card trick with gimmicked cards
70 Finishing the Four Aces: another four Ace trick
74 All Through You: Jumbo Card penetration
76 Verrall's Nukard Stand: specialized card stand

80 Nine Three - Magic of Flowers
80 Three Flowergrowths: three methods of producing flowers
83 Kellar Up-to-Date: Kellar's flowergrowth adaptation
85 From Powder to Petals: powder puff to flowers
85 Silken Blossoms: chosen silk to flower of same color
86 Ardent Lovers:multiple flower and cabbage(!) production from a box
88 Last Roses of Summer: plant transforms to a lighted Christmas tree
92 Goldfish in the Lily-Pond: aquarium with fish changes to flower garden
94 Petals to Perfume & Nujam: Rose petals to perfume bottle, and Jam to flowers
97 The V.W. Duo-Pot Production: two pots of flowers are produced

100 Nine Four - Silken Sorcery
100 Triple Flight: three silks are removed, vanished, and reappear amongst three others
102 Crinoline: silk scraps are added to a doll's head to make a pretty lady telephone cover
105 Dry-Cleaning: Story of two handkerchiefs sent to the dyers and cleaners managed by fairies
108 A Close Shave & A Cigarette Swindle: silk to shaving brush, and silk to packet of cigarettes
110 Football Shirt: silks are shaken and turn into a football shirt
111 Egg, Confetti and Silk: egg is produced, transposes with confetti, and more; ending with a dove production
116 Music-Minded Miss: silks become dyed in a tube in this musically themed routine
118 Buying a Bathing Costume: a stage production
121 One, Two, Three: silks and soup plates

125 Nine Five - Magic Wand-Erings
125 The Phantom Fort: platform effect for children
127 Two Montes: two stage "Monte" style tricks using buckets of sand and clocks
131 Die-Dye: a giant die trick using your Die Box as a basis
133 The V.W. Wine Penetration: wine and tumbler effect
135 Flying Dutchman: a sailed boat appears and floats in a box
137 Middle Stump: a Cricket bat routine
138 Tramping Along: a hobo's lunch is incomplete, until the handkerchief turns into a loaf of bread
139 Puff-Puff: varied color powder puffs change colors, vanish and more inside bowls and a special box
144 The Bewildering Balls & Balgo: four billiard ball and silk color changes; billiard ball and silk transpo and color changes in a glass tube
147 Catalogue of "Magic Wand" Publications

A collection of card tricks, flower and silk effects, mechanical apparatus tricks and Magic Wand-erings.

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