Illusion Systems Book 3
Osborne, Paul
Illusion Systems Publishing (1983)
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Illusions Plans, Magic tricks
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Osborne, Paul: Illusion Systems Book Three
©1983 Paul Osborne, Illusion Systems, Dallas, TX
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 102 pages

Comments: Photos by Michelle Chianelli.

Contents (from book):

2 Dedication
3 Paul Osborne
4 Introduction
5 Foreword (Andre Kole)
8 Tips: building tips
9 Quickies
10 - Toy Box Miracle: assistant appears from cardboard boxes
11 - Poof!: quick flash appearance for magician
12 - Crystal Case: smaller version of Crystal Casket
13 - The Flower Girl: lady appears from small bush
14 - Costume Case: based on costume trunk illusion
15 The Sacrifice (Masklyn ye Mage): assistant vanishes from robe
18 Comedy Sawing In Half (Noel Coward)
21 Tips: more builder's tips
22 Bill Smith's Tips
24 Using Hardwoods (Scott Davis)
27 Performing Illusions (Doug Anderson): article
31 Emperor's Tea Chest: assistant production
33 Ape Escape: gorilla appears and escapes, put back in, and changes to princess
39 Do It Different! (David Ginn): How to present illusions differently, and some examples
40 - The Hindoo Sword Basket
42 - Dragon Box Girl Production
43 - The Palanquin
46 Multimedia: production for magician and assistant
50 Hindoo Screens: assistant vanishes in transparent screens
53 Broom Plus (Stan Allen): variation of broom suspension
57 Tips: more building tips
59 Spring Hinges (Ed Verba):
61 Passkey Illusion: assistant passes through a small keyhole
65 Verticle Shadow Box (Rand Woodbury): shadow becomes your assistant inside box
68 Fast Finish (Paul Osborne): putting on a final finish to your woodwork
70 The Diamond Blade Of Bagdad (Tom Palmer): a chopping illusion changes to a tranpsosition
75 Light Bulb Ladies: discussion of the the Light Bulb Girl Illusion
76 The Blackstone Light Bulb Girl (George Johnstone): article
81 Luminaire 13 (Jack Dean): light bulbs are pushed through an assistant
95 Lady Iluma: light tubes penetrate the assistant
97 Hade-E-Table Levitation: a child levitates on the magician's table
100 After Thoughts: care of your illusions
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Osborne, Paul
(1948 - )
American magician and illusion designer from the age of eight. Inventor of scores of illusions, especially designed for amusement park stages. Owner of Illusion Systems in Dallas, Texas.
Wrote: Begin To Build Your Own Illusions, Volumes 1 - IV, plus over 350 Illusion Plans and descriptions and modifications.