Illusion Systems Book 4
Osborne, Paul
Illusion Systems Publishing (1986)
In Collection
Illusions Plans, Magic tricks
USA  eng
Osborne, Paul: Illusion Systems Book Four
©1986 Paul Osborne, Illusion Systems, Dallas, TX
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 136 pages

Comments: Photos by Michelle Chianelli.

Contents (from book ToC):

2 Dedication
3 Paul Osborne
4 Introduction
7 Foreword
8 Tips And Ideas
17 Utility Base
21 The Pull Across
23 Karrellusion
26 Illusion System Builders
27 Life Casting
32 Arch Of Impossibility
34 Mullica On Illusions
35 The Flaming Alter Of Mochica
40 The Names The Game
44 The Vampire Illusion
46 Illusion System Builders
49 Illusion Models
51 See Thru Strait Jacket
53 Cruise Ship Illusions
59 Tips And Ideas
61 Illusion Thoughts
66 Tips And Ideas
67 Abbotts Plans
69 Aga Levitation
75 The Enchanted Tent
80 Phantasmo
87 The Mummy Cloth
91 The Caliph Cutter
97 Abbotts Guillotine
106 Levitation Delux
111 Illusion Systems Builders
112 The Illusionist
117 Phone Home
119 The Genii Plans
120 The Hatbox Illusion
122 The Goodbye Girl
124 The Cannon Illusion
130 Here Comes Santa
132 The Caterpillar Illusion
134 The Pharaoh Returns
136 Special Thanks

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Osborne, Paul
(1948 - )
American magician and illusion designer from the age of eight. Inventor of scores of illusions, especially designed for amusement park stages. Owner of Illusion Systems in Dallas, Texas.
Wrote: Begin To Build Your Own Illusions, Volumes 1 - IV, plus over 350 Illusion Plans and descriptions and modifications.