Illusion Systems The First Collection - The Illusion Concepts and Designs of Paul Osborne 1981-1991
Osborne, Paul
Illusion Systems Publishing (1986)
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Osborne, Paul: Illusion Systems The First Collection
©1996 Paul Osborne, Illusion Systems, Dallas, TX
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 286 pages

Comments: Collection of Paul Osborne Illusions, 1989-1991.
Contents (from book ToC, only page numbers for Chapters):

1 Chapter One - On Illusions

7 Chapter Two - The Genii Plans
The Hatbox Illusion
The Goodbye Girl Illusion
The Cannon Illuison Part One
The Cannon Illusion Part Two
The Cannon Illusion Part Three
Here Comes Santa Claus
The Caterpillar Illusion
THe Pharaoh Returns
She's Come Undone
A Traveling Magic Stage
The Clockworks Mystery
The Jack In the Box Mystery

33 Chapter Three - Understanding Blueprints

37 Chapter Four - The Genii Plans Continued
The Torture Chest of Burhee
Ching's Chest
The Lion and the Cobra
The Reconstructed Man
The Passkey Illusion
The Five Days of Christmas
Bim Bam Box
The Crusher Illusion
Sawing a Woman in Half
Double From Nothing
Dream of a Sultan
The Bewildering Boxes
Space Transport
Laser Cannon
The Laser Cannon Box
The Laser Cannon Platform
The Santa Screens
A Roll of the Dice
The Skyscraper Illusion
The Little Box From Borneo
Multi Media - The Radio
Multi Media - The Television
Queen of the Silver Dollar
The Dream Machine
The Plunger
The Dream Seat
The Witch's Cauldron
Chair Suspension Plus
The Great Santa Switch
The Unbelievable Oriental Screens
Dena - The Exhibitron
March of the Toy Soldiers
The Egyptian Table of Death
The Chicago Fire
The Boy and His Car
The Decapatarium
Home for the Holidays

117 Chapter Five - The Osborne Issue
Osborne on Osborne
Osborne on Paint
Osborne Tips
The World's Greatest Magician
The Spirit Post
The Lady From the Light
Out of Thin Air

135 Chapter Six - Further Genii Plans
The Dreadful Dreamhouse
Dove Cannon
The Bride of the Blades
The Shutter Bug
The One That Got Away
THe Flower Girl Illusion
Doug Bennett's Satelitte Dish
Threeway Split
In a Flash
The Magical Puppet Show
Fantasti Frames
The Stocks of Peril
The Black Art Theater
The Temple of Death
Weathermakin' Machine
The Paper Doll Illusion
Happy Holidays
The Junioer De Kolta Chair
The Princess of Baktar
The Aquarium Illusion
The Bunny Box
The Push Together Boxes
The Crystal Case
The Dalton Boys
Dracula Escapes!
The Squeezaway Gal Part One
The Squeezeway Gal Part Two
The Revised Strobeka
Just Passing Through
Surrounded Artist's Dream
Sawing a Dove in Half
Head X
The Surrounded Vampire Illusion
Go Ape
The Clown House
The Trolley Illusion
The Wish Box
See Section
The Pull Through Levitation
The Zig Zag Improvements
The Dream Dinner
Split Personalities
The Book of Illuksion
Get the Point
Where is She?
The Frame of Life
The Fabulous Frosty Guy
Pick a Card
Out of a Hat
The Gender Bender
In the Twinkling of an Eye
The Self Contained Asrah
Vanishing Girl and Chain
Stretching a Good Thing Too Far
Salter's Knife Vanish
The Head of Urus

260 Chapter Seven - The Aubrey Collection
Aubrey Facts and Photos
The "You Asked For It" Scripts
The "Vanishing Girl and Trunk" plans
Aubrey's "Spirit Ball"

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Osborne, Paul
(1948 - )
American magician and illusion designer from the age of eight. Inventor of scores of illusions, especially designed for amusement park stages. Owner of Illusion Systems in Dallas, Texas.
Wrote: Begin To Build Your Own Illusions, Volumes 1 - IV, plus over 350 Illusion Plans and descriptions and modifications.