Bev Taylor's Town House Magic
Hetzler, Bruce
Town House Magic (1993)
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Hetzler, Bruce: Bev Taylor's TOWN HOUSE MAGIC
©1993 Town House Publication,
Illustrations by Ellery and LeRoy Frahm.
Hardcover, 288 pages

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Here's a big book full of magic. From the flyleaf, "Bev Taylor's Town House Magic thrived in St. Louis in the 1940's and 50's. In nearly 10 years in operation Town House put out over 100 items, noted for their high quality and complete instructions. In fact many are now collectors items. Magicians releasing effects through Town House include Milbourne Christopher, Karrell Fox, and Don Lawton. Included in this collection are the very best of these effects, some with complete construction plans and all with the marvelous Town House routines. As a special bonus, included are 10 routines from Bev's own act." This is a large book, 8.5" x 11.5" x 1" thick, 288 pages. Lots of good useful illustrations and instructions. Tricks include Visible Block Penetration, Forgetful Freddie, Phantom Tube, etc. Lots of great stage effects. This is a rare find for the stage magician. There is also an enclosure, a signed letter of thanks from Bruce Hetzler to Jay Marshall.

Another fine item from the private library of magician Jay Marshall.

Biography of Bev Taylor and history of his company and the many tricks and routines they brought to market. Includes over 60 tricks and routines, the very best of the Town House Magic line, some with full construction plans, and all with the marvelous Town House Routines! Format: Hardbound with Dust Jacket Publication Summary: 1993, 288 pp
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