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(1955-2017) was the professional name of Daryl Easton, an American magician based in Las Vegas. He was known as "The Magician's Magician".

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Daryl found out after researching that his biological grandfather was raised by a Martinez who was actually not his biological father, and that his grandfather's last name was actually Easton. In June 2002, Daryl legally changed his name to “Daryl Edward Easton”.[1]

Daryl professionally went by his forename only and specialized in card tricks, close-up and parlor magic. Two of his most famous contributions to magic were the Hot Shot Cut, a knuckle-busting sleight where the spectator's chosen card spins like a boomerang out of the deck, and the Ultimate Ambition trick which allows a card to be inserted fairly into the middle of a deck and yet appear back on top. [2]

He was well known to magicians as the presenter of many teach-in video series for L&L Publishing, including Daryl's Card Revelations, Encyclopedia of Card Sleights, "Fooler Doolers", and Daryl's Ambitious Card Video.

His wife, Alison Easton, was the first woman to be inducted into The Magic Circle.

Daryl was found dead at Hollywood's Magic Castle. The medical examiner's finding was that the hanging was self-inflicted.[3]

Awards and honors
Won the gold medal at the FISM magic world championship in Card Magic for his ambitious card routine.
Hot-Shot Cut (Simplified), page 311 of The Art of Astonishment, Vol. 3 (1996)
The Ultimate Ambition, page 117 of Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus (1985) written by Stephen Minch
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