Ed Ellis
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Magician Ed Ellis
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Ed Ellis

For over 25 years Ed has performed close up and comedy magic worldwide. Ed is also a highly
accomplished drummer, and is the only person to play solo on Buddy Rich's drums in concert.
His goal as a world class artist is to entertain your clients and guests, and leave them with an
experience they will never forget!


The Shawshank Redemption * Screwdriver Con * Frank Darabount
Paramedics * Magician * Stuart Margolin
Running with the Devil * C.I.A. Agent * Harold Brown
Born on the Fourth of July * Extra * Oliver Stone


Stop the Madness “Blow’n Away” * Starring National P.S.A. * David Brayton Films
Horton Bows * Hunter * Milepost Productions
Home and Garden Television * Demonstrator * Classic Worldwide Productions
Auto Insurance America * Spokesperson * Larry John Wright Productions
Miller Cadillac * Magic Spokesperson * Storer Productions
Suit Yourself Mens Wear * Magic Spokesperson * Channel 67 Productions
Stagelights Hair Salon * Spokesperson * Edan Productions
Channel 11 * Ad Model * WXPI Productions
Texaco * Race Fan * Storer Cable


Height: 6'
Shirt: 16 ½ / 34
Weight: 180
Shoe: 9 ½
Suit: 42reg.
Hair: Blond Gray
Waist: 32
Eyes: Blue
Inseam: 32
Attitude: Excellent