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Lee Grabel
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Lee Grabel
Born March 12, 1919
Portland, Oregon

In 1931, Lee presented his first one-hour program sponsored by The Boy Scouts of America. In 1936 Lee won the award for sleight-of-hand presented by the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians.
In 1942, he was inducted into the US army during World War II.
In the 1950's, after Blackstone Sr.'s retirement, he became recognized as America's No. 1 Magician.
In 1954, Grabel was chosen by the Great Dante as his successor. Lee passed the mantle on to Lance Burton in 1994.
In 1959, Grabel announced his retirement from professional magic for a quiet life on his ranch in California.
The 2002 Harvey Award was presented Lee on October 16, 2002, by the Invisible Lodge, in recognition for many years of service and support.
His major illusions a piano that floated as it was played by a seat-belted pianist and shooting a girl from a cannon into a nest of boxes hanging in mid-air.

•The Magic and Illusions Of Lee Grabel by Ormond McGill (1986)