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Laurant, Eugene
(1875-1944) One of the most successful American magicians of the early 20th century.
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Eugene Laurant ( 1875 - 1944),

born Eugene Greenleaf, billed himself as the "Man of Many Mysteries".
After a highly successful career performing in rural America and on the Chautauqua circuit during World War I, he turned to school assembly shows with great success.

He was the first to introduce large illusions for the Lyceum and Chautauqua programs. His big illusion were the "The Witch of the Flame", "The Soldier, the Priest and the Devil," and later, an act called "The Wizard's Supper."

One of his other features of his full-evening program for over 25 years was his chapeaugraphy routine presented in rhyming verse.

His 11 ring, Chinese Linking Ring routine was published in Tarbell's Course In Magic Volume 4.

He was a president of the Chicago S. A. M. Assembly, and a national vice-president of the S. A. M. and a past vice-president of the I. B. M.

Eugene Laurant died suddenly from a heart attack while preparing for a show at his home in Chicago, Illinois.

The Magic Hat (1918) - His chapeaugraphy routine
Laurant - The Man of Many Mysteries by Gabe Fajuri (2005)

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