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Harry Lorayne

Harry Lorayne (born 1926) is a memory-training specialist and magician who has been called "The Yoda of Memory Training" by Time magazine. He is well known for his mnemonic demonstrations and has appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. His book The Memory Book was a New York Times bestseller. His card magic, especially his innovations in card sleights, is still used by professional magicians.

Lorayne has published several books and videos on card magic and is a writer of technical literature for magicians. Magic magazine May 1999 included him in a list of the 100 most influential magicians of the 20th century.

For twenty years, Lorayne wrote and published the magazine Apocalypse. His latest book for magicians is Lorayne: The Classic Collection, an updated collection of his first four magic books of the 1960s. Lorayne is the author of the NY Times bestseller The Memory Book.

To demonstrate his memory, Harry Lorayne would stand beside the president of the club he was visiting and be introduced to each member. The number of members of a club could reach up to 1,500. After an hour and a half, Lorayne would speak about memory for about 20 minutes and then ask if anyone had a question. He promised that he would pay any questioner whose name he could not remember a thousand dollars. He always remembered the names of every member of the audience.[citation needed] Lorayne also made news by memorizing and recalling information from phone books with no errors.

In 1961, Lorayne published a book called Secrets of Mind Power. The book tells readers how to improve their thinking skills for success. In Chronicles, Volume 1, Bob Dylan writes that he read Lorayne's book shortly before breaking through as a music star after finding it in the book collection of a friend.

In 2007, Lorayne published Ageless Memory, which he called his legacy book.[citation needed]

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